Ravishing Feet

Sweet Feet

“I am dressed up like a enjoyable cutie ‘coz I have lots of sugary treats for your face hole. I wish u to open wide and taste my sweetmeat. I want it to make your lips and tongue very sugary. Then, I’m plan to slide my shoe and my little sock off and I’m plan to slide my foot in your mouth, too,” told Svetlana. “Get my foot nice and sticky in your candy-coated face hole. But I don’t want you to relish my dainty, little delicacies all by yourself. I most like if u share my fancy feet with a ally. I urge one as well as the other of your mouths latched on to my little piggies and I wish you to take up with the tongue them furiously until u make me cum. My soles are so sensitive to the touch that just some light rubbing, loving or touching with tongue from a foot-worshiping face hole can give me multiple orgasms. In fact, I often take my shoes off and rub my feet on the carpet just so that I can cum. I relish being a little bit of a foot bitch and indulging in lots of foot-play.”

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